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Welcome to Tsunami! Read the Tsunami Introduction and then print and follow our Tsunami Scripts to build an enterprise application, by yourself, in a few hours. If you have questions or need immediate help, feel free to contact our Tsunami Hotline or send an e-mail to tsunami@tenfold.com.

TenFold has invented a revolutionary technology, code-named Tsunami, that lets you build sophisticated, new or replacement, enterprise applications at least 10 times faster than you could with any other technology. Tsunami is a robust applications development platform that uses technology that TenFold has developed and used for over 10 years.

TenFold-powered applications that you build with Tsunami are much higher quality, considerably more powerful, and have more sophisticated features than an application you could build with any other technology.

Traditional applications-development approaches create difficult IT bottlenecks and conflicts between business and IT. Traditional technologies make legacy-system replacement difficult to impossible and new-applications development economically and logistically infeasible.

By contrast, Tsunami empowers business people and IT professionals working together to conceive, design, build, deploy, and maintain applications with extraordinary Speed, Quality, and Power. By fundamentally changing the dynamics of how business and IT collaborate, Tsunami is a new paradigm for building applications.

For more information about TenFold technology please read the Gartner Group Analysis of TenFold.

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>> Gartner Group Analysis of TenFold
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